Solutions AQP Towers system

AQP Towers

Aquaponic farm for your home, restaurant or school


Up to 80 herbs, strawberries or salads per 1 square meter


Always fresh, in organic quality, at home


Easy maintenance

Aquaponics Intelligence

IoT solution for Aquaponic Farmers


Thanks to the camera and sensors, you can check the health of your farm anywhere.


With automation, we allow you to remotely control lights, pH +/- solutions, fish feeders and other equipment that your farm contains.


In case of impending complications, the application will notify you by email or phone

Turn-key Aquaponics Towers Farm

Commercial Farm

Turnkey aquaponic farm solutions


Our team is engaged in building, operating and distributing products from AQP farms. As an investor, you have a


Stable, organic and high quality cultivation all year round, thanks to aquaponics and our IoT platform Aquaponics Intelligence ..


Return on investment is 2 to 5 years, depending on crops and location


We are a team of farmers, engineers, and entrepreneurs, trying to make aquaponics more accessible 🐡 💚 🌱
So it takes less time and money to learn, build, and operate.

As certified aquaponics designers, we can help you build / digitalize your own farm,
whether it is “just” a dream of yours or a running farm.

What is Aquaponics?

Aquaponics Cycle Concept

Aquaponics is an organic, highly efficient farming method – inspired by nature,
it is working, thanks to the symbiosis between plants, fish, and bacteria.


Martin Kubajda, CEO
Martin Kubajda, CEO
Product, vision, strategy
Filip Fajkus, COO
sales and operations
Marek Otýpka, CBDO
Business development, sales