Aquaponics Intelligence

Digitalize your aquaponics farm – to save time and money

☑️ Check your farm health with sensors and camera online, whenever you are

☑️ Automate everything you need, from lights to fish feeding and pH dosing

☑️ Get notified in case of any problems with your farm, on email or phone

Aquaponics Intelligence - Automation Settings Page
Simply connect your sensors and actuators. Then create automation and alerting rules with them.

Starting from 499$*, you can:

☑️ Have ph, air humidity, air temperature, water temperature and water level sensors,
and 1 HD camera for your remote checks and plant health computer vision insights
☑️ Have 4x relays to connect devices to automate (LEDs, fan, fish feeder, etc.)
☑️ Get notified on email or phone in case of any problem on your farm or scheduled maintenance

*60$ from that amount is a yearly subscription for our software service, and support – only 5$ per month

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Looking for custom solution or more sensors?

  • Wide range of sensors for water quality testing (e.g EC, K+, Ca2+, NH4+, Mg2+).
  • Modular solution, growing with your farm scale – hobby farm, commercial farms, or multiple farms – all within one place, tailored for your needs by our IT Analyst
  • Haven’t find your desired sensors ? Looking for more cameras, sensors than standard solution ? Or just have a question or idea to improve ?